Ardbrin helps companies manage, influence and analyse behaviour
around corporate goals.

Align.  Engage.  Focus.


Use our Enterprise Goals Platform to focus your employees’ effort on the important targets and tasks that will deliver your corporate objectives. Make sure that they know what’s important to the company every day. Focus more, achieve more.


Use our intelligence to prioritise the important activities, not just the urgent or easy ones. Ensure your employees are working every day on truly adding value to your company and avoiding procrastination.

Increase Productivity

Know what your company is achieving as well as what they are actually doing in real time. Understand progress towards corporate objectives. Have confidence that your employees are working every day towards your corporate goals.

Improve Corporate Agility

Enable your company to be competitively agile with any changes in corporate strategy being instantly reflected in every employee’s targets and actions.   Track your strategic execution, see potential problems and change quickly.

Do you know what a Corporate EGO is?

A Corporate EGO is an Enterprise Goals Optimisation system.  A corporate-wide tool that enables an intelligent, dynamic approach to defining, managing and prioritising corporate goals and actions – a fusing of corporate and individual performance management that engages employees and supports a coaching culture with real-time feedback.

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Goal Optimisation Approach

Challenge – Define – Align – Engage – Analyse

Our Goal Approach is yours.  We help optimise your chosen goal methodology – SMART, KPIs, Balanced Scorecard, OKRs – by ensuring that all goals are intelligently defined, clearly aligned and prioritised against company strategy.  To engage employees on a daily basis, we link their personal targets to visible action plans, focus them on high-value tasks, support easy updating of progress and encourage a positive coaching environment. Employee behaviours are gathered and their collective impact on goal achievement analysed.

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6 ways your strategic goals process may be letting your company down

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Are you Goal-ready?

Not all companies manage goals the same way – that’s OK – but there are a few basics you need to be doing to be considered goal-ready and able to successfully use an Enterprise Goals Optimisation system.  We challenge companies to reach this optimal state. Reaching the higher levels on our Goal Maturity Model involves goal engagement, agility, transparency, optimisation and behaviour analysis. Read our Power of Goals Paper to understand how your company’s goal process may be letting your company down.

Your goal approach?

At Ardbrin, we don’t impose any one goal approach and don’t believe there is only one way to run a business.  We work with your approach and structure our system to optimise it.  So, whether you’re using Balanced Scorecard, SMART goals, Key Performance Indicators, Objectives Key Results or Goals/Objectives/Strategies/Plans/Actions (GOSPA) we can optimise it. Download our Optimised Goals Process Paper to understand where your company’s goal process currently measures on our model.

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