Focus your team

Use our Enterprise Goals Platform to focus your employees’ effort on the important targets and tasks that will deliver your corporate objectives. With individual dashboards that reflect their targets and tasks as well as corporate goals, we make sure that they know what’s important to your company every day and are engaged in making it happen.

The Ardbrin approach ensures that all targets set are relevant to strategic priorities and also that tasks are created to achieve targets.   In a world of many distractions being able to focus is important.   Focus to make decisions, focus to take action.

Perform high-value tasks

Use our intelligence to prioritise the important activities, not just the urgent or easy ones.  With only half of executives saying that their time spent at work aligns with their strategic priorities (McKinsey, 2011) our algorithms will ensure that every time your employees log into our system their personalised target and task lists will reflect strategic priorities.

This will ensure that your employees are working every day on truly adding value to your company and avoiding procrastination.

Increase productivity

It’s not just having the confidence that you are on track to achieve your corporate goals but knowing who is contributing, how much effort each is taking and what behaviours are driving your business forward.  We will help you track progress towards corporate goals with everyone contributing in real-time to your understanding.

Then we will help you understand winning behaviours so that you can work to ensure that everyone is working at maximum productivity.  Have confidence that your employees are working every day towards your corporate goals.


Improve Corporate Agility

Enable your company to change strategic direction quickly and with confidence that the whole company will change with them. Research shows that strategic goals frequently change but only a minority of middle managers change their goals throughout the year.  Remove that disconnect.

Our EGO platform quickly updates everyone’s targets, tasks and priorities ensuring that employees do not continue pursuing outdated goals or priorities.

Fast, effective, agile.