FocusT is an online corporate and employee performance management tool that intelligently links corporate goals, targets, people, actions and results. This is more than a corporate dashboard as it actively engages employees, provides transparency on corporate, departmental and individual goals and aligns employees with strategic objectives. The focus here is on action against goals, behaviour that contributes to strategic objectives and strategic results. You start with strategy and set clear priorities (as not all goals are considered equal). Then you flow the strategy both horizontally and vertically across your business at department and then individual levels. Owners are assigned, then action plans are created and executed. As you achieve results, every step is clearly managed and tracked. Analysis of both collective and individual contribution to strategy can take place and the cycle continues.


Agreeing Strategy

The process starts with defining and prioritising strategic objectives – single year, multi-year – for the company.  Corporate Goals are essential for keeping everyone strategically focused on the overall vision of the company.  Well-chosen goals will drive strategic corporate advantage.  These are the first data items entered into the FocusT model and are typically agreed at the most senior executive level in a company.  They are usually owned by either the Managing Director or other Senior Directors.  Once the strategic goals have been agreed, priorities need to be debated as typically not all goals or targets are equal within a company and setting clear priorities at a strategic level allows employees to make sensible, data-led decisions when allocating their own time.


Aligning targets

Strategic targets are then broken into departmental/regional targets and eventually into individual targets.  Alignment and clear accountability are essential.  Targets can be broken down as many levels as necessary and can be owned and delivered within a department or can be aligned across your organisation to support matrix structures.  All targets clearly show how they contribute to corporate goals.

Taking Action

No target is achieved without appropriate action.  Here, tasks are clearly linked to targets so that actions are tracked and potential problems spotted early.  Clearly tracking targets and actions, % complete and status (red/amber/green) allows for multi-faceted analysis of performance and employee behaviour.  With real-time updates from all employees, executives can drill down to whatever level of detail they need to effectively manage their business.